Flowers ‘Unexpectedly Lush’ On Todd Lake-Soda Creek Hike


Talk about a treat. Talk about the wildflowers on a Todd Lake-Soda Creek hike Sunday, July 30.

“Seven of us did a car shuttle and hiked from Todd Lake up to the Soda Creek trail, then down Soda Creek to the Green Lakes trailhead,” says group leader Susan Sullivan. “We took a leisurely pace because the flowers were unexpectedly lush and beautiful!

“The trail was busy at Todd Lake and got progressively less crowded as we continued. There were very few people on the Soda Creek portion, and this was where the flowers were the nicest.”

Susan cautions that both trailheads were especially busy, thus CONC groups may want to consider other outings, at least until after Labor Day.

“Both the Green Lakes and Todd Lake trailheads are in heavy use this year. Parking at Green Lakes was on the highway about 0.2 mile from the turn into the trailhead. Parking at Todd Lake was well down the road toward Cascade Lakes Highway. The gate to the upper trailhead is not open.”

(Photos by Susan Sullivan and Al Matson)



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