Black Crater Hike Includes Smoke, Butterflies And Flowers

The early-morning hiking group ended up climbing Black Crater on Sunday, July 30, as smoke from wildfires altered plans for the day.

“Third try has to work!  Stopping at Windy Point, it’s obvious the smoke is emanating from the Jefferson area,” says group leader Hilloah Rohr. “We’ve already diverged towards Black Crater.

“Climbing south away from the smoke, we enjoy the shade of the trees. As we cross a large snow patch, we’re covered in butterflies! So fun! Ascending higher, hillsides of lupine mix with columbine, then Indian paintbrush, phlox and more.

“The volcanic top offers a clear view of the Sisters and Broken Top and a smoky, altered view to the north. We’re most happy to be here!”

(Above photo and photos below by Hilloah Rohr)


(Remaining photos below by Heidi Peyton)



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