CONC Hikers Hoof Their Way Up Tumalo Mountain


Central Oregon Nordic Club members did the steep two-mile climb up Tumalo Mountain on Sunday, July 30.

“Tumalo Mountain seemed like an easy, quick hike until one started the nearly 1,400-foot elevation gain to the 7,775-foot peak,” says hiker Martha Rose. “Eight hikers full of enthusiasm huffed and puffed, taking many water breaks and chatting with the hoards of return hikers who had the ‘you’re almost there’ encouragement.  At the top were splendid views rewarded our efforts.”

A couple of Nordic club hikers didn’t stay for lunch but instead went down the peak to the distance cinder cones of Broken Top.

“At the end of the hike, we all were satisfied with an excellent, invigorating Sunday hike.”

(Photos by Larry Weinberg and Martha Rose)


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