Hikers Enjoy ‘Hanging Out At A Nice Mountain Lake’

Twelve Central Oregon Nordic Club hikers took an unhurried stroll up to North and South Matthieu lakes on Sunday, Aug. 6.

This fun hike is in the woods much of the time but also includes nice mountain views from a lake shore, with North Sister most prominent.

Once there, some napped, some swam, some waded and some just sat,” says group leader Linda Frost. “It was very relaxing and not too hot or smoky — the perfect way to spend the afternoon.”

Hiker Thom Iverson describes a “hazy, cloudy, warm” day, highlighted by “hanging out at a nice mountain lake.”

Hiker Martha Rose says she enjoyed chatting with Pacific Crest Trail hikers doing “the long haul,” as well as families out for a short day outing to the lakes. “Some of us ate wild huckleberries,” she adds.

(Photos by Thom Iverson and Martha Rose)


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