CONC Members Hike Along Tumalo Creek, Paulina Lake


Seventeen Nordic Club hikers – cognizant of smoke in the region but unwilling to stay indoors – set out on two different mid-morning hikes on Sunday, Aug. 27.

Ten went on a five-mile trek along the south side of Tumalo Creek from the trailhead off of Skyliners Road.

“It seemed to be a nostalgic trail for many in the group, (with) some saying that they had not done the trail in over a decade,” says hiker Martha Rose. “Others were first-timers. It is interesting to hear, ‘there used to be a bridge here; we used to hike closer to the water; the T-bar lift came up this way from those cabins, etc.’  It was a fun hike but we were ready to get out of the heat.”

Another seven hikers headed south of Bend to circle Paulina Lake, following a trail of 7 ½ miles. Temperatures in the woods were pleasant, with the lake at some 6,350 feet above sea level. There were blue skies, with little sign of smoke inside the Newberry caldera, and a lunch stop near the natural hot springs on the far side of the lake.

(Photos by Al Matson, Martha Rose, Jeanni Capell and Dawn Sykora)


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