CONC Hikers Trudge Through Snow On Tam McArthur Rim


Members of the Central Oregon Nordic Club hiked in a winter wonderland on Sunday, Sept. 24.

About a dozen people set out on a Tam McArthur Rim hike, walking in snow but rewarded with views of snow-covered mountain peaks in September.

Hiker Ron Hoyt describes “lots of snow” with “some hard crust” on the uphill portion of the outing.

“Most people stopped short of the actual rim and had lunch at the nice overlook about a mile and a half or so from the actual rim ridge,” he reports. “The snow had softened considerably on the way down. It was easier on the way down than on the way up.”

Hiker Thom Iverson describes the outing as a “perfect choice,” with “perfect bluebird conditions, especially for those that brought traction devices, hiking sticks and sunscreen.”

Thom adds: “Some people turned back as the hike progressed, with lots of snow and slick trail conditions that favored traction. The intrepid few that ventured all the way to the Tam McArthur prow were rewarded with incredible views. A fun time was had by all!”

(Photos by Thom Iverson and Ron Hoyt)


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