Holiday Party

We had an overwhelming response to our holiday party this year. We lost count of the number of attendees, but it certainly approached 200.

The gift table for Bethlehem Inn was piled four feet high and filled underneath.  The gifts filled James’ Passat wagon to the roof.  He delivered the gifts along with $392 cash/checks donations the next day.  The Bethlehem Inn folks were overwhelmed as three helped James carry it in and pile the gifts up.  Director Gwen exclaimed “It is everything we need!  How did you know?”   The president of Bethlehem Inn called and thanked us profusely – it was a huge surprise at just the right time.  Thanks members!

Our potluck was spectacular with over 37 entries.  The winners were:

  • Theresa – Best Tasting for Mama Theresa’s Pie
  • Sue – for Most Creative with her sausages in a bed of rice (best descrip I can give)
  • Jerry – for Most Unusual for his Elk Sausage Chili
  • Dawn – for Best Roots for a bread pudding with eggnog

So many other worthwhile efforts!  Thanks to to Trish of Two Spruce Law for the salmon and helping us set up/take down.

And the highlight was the Christmas Ukulele Orchestra who waited patiently as people wound through the buffet (James did his best to feed them).  At least 15 showed thanks to member Lizabeth, who also led them in a series of singalong Christmas songs.



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