CONC Members Don Hiking Boots, Head To Otter Bench

With no fresh snow for a couple of weeks and a back-country snowpack on the hard side, several members of the Central Oregon Nordic Club took what Mother Nature gave them on Sunday, Dec. 17 – a hike to Otter Bench with “awesome” views.

“We had a great group — including one individual who was part of the ukulele group at the Christmas party, who decided we looked like we were having so much fun that he’d come check us out!” says Susan Sullivan, hike leader.

She describes “much laughter and banter all day.”

“It was nice to go to Otter Bench when the trail along the rimrock wasn’t closed due to falcon nesting,” she adds.

Hiker Thom Iverson describes the Otter Bench hike as “an excellent choice for a short winter day” with winter solstice nearing.

“Awesome views of Crooked River,” he says. “My first time in that area, and I absolutely need to return on a puffy cloud, blue sky and sunny day.”

(Photos by Thom Iverson)

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