Skiers Climb Ridge Trail, Log Maintenance

CONC skiers combined work and play during an outing out of Swampy Lakes Sno-Park on Sunday, Jan. 28.

With some uncertainty about snow conditions – light rain fell on top of the recent snowfall the night before – skiers split into three different groups for different routes at Swampy.

One group of eight skiers headed up the Ridge trail clockwise, then took the Butte trail part way toward Flagline Tie, says group leader Susan Sullivan.

“Then we decided to ‘think outside the tracks’ and headed off-trail on a route down toward Swampy Shelter,” she reports. “It was such a pleasant day that we opted to stop short of the shelter for lunch.

“Overall conditions were really pretty decent. The track was a bit fast for
the first three-fourths mile; then the warming day helped soften the snow, and the
tracks were not as beaten down and firm. And by the time we passed the
shelter and headed back, the soft snow made the going pretty easy.

“We did get the opportunity to do some trail maintenance along the way. A
downed tree created a rather formidable barrier on the east leg of the
Swampy loop, so we took a couple minutes to log it out. Surprisingly, after
Saturday’s high winds, this was the only new downed tree on our route.”

(Photos by Susan Sullivan and Jeanni Capell)

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