Dry River Channel Hike On ‘Cold, Cloudy Day’

Hikers headed east of Bend for the Dry River Channel in the Badlands on Sunday, Feb. 11.

“The Dry River Channel hike is only three miles, but the Channel itself is an interesting destination, even though the Indian markings are no longer visible,” says group leader Linda Frost.

Hiker Thom Iverson describes the trail as “a good choice for this cold, cloudy day, and a new trail for a number of us.”

He adds: “It was an easy,  wide, social trail, and it took us on a tour of a mini version of the closed-for-the-season nearby Dry River Canyon.  We had a pack of dogs along for extra entertainment.  I found watching the wee Chi-mix hanging with the big dogs to be especially entertaining.”

(Photos by Thom Iverson)

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