Mountain View Ski Team Says ‘Thanks’ To CONC

The Central Oregon Nordic Club got this heartfelt “thank you” card from members of the Mountain View High School cross-country ski team.

The thank you is because each winter, CONC makes a donation of roughly $1,000 toward the jamboree state meet at Diamond Lake. This goes toward costs such as grooming, trophies, porta-potties and snacks.

It so happens that longtime CONC member Bill Martin is one of the assistant coaches for the Mountain View team. His son Erik is head coach. In photo above, Bill is in the upper left corner, back row.

The photo above – of the Mountain View team — was the cover of the card. Click on the signature portion of the card at left to see enlargement with the “thank you” comments from the students.

CONC also provides mini ski scholarships to students throughout the state via membership dues to our mother organization — the Oregon Nordic Club.

Bill wrote the following to let CONC members know about the history of the relationship:

“One of the mission statements of the ONC is to promote winter sports. We have quite a bit of history of support for community. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, the CONC worked with Bend Parks and Recreation to groom about six miles of trail at what is now the Meissner XC ski area.  We had our own (CONC) snowmobile and some of the club members and the Bend Parks and Rec people groomed for the Billy Koch ski program for mostly grade-school kids. We also groomed the John Craig race and tour up the McKenzie Pass Highway, the Shevlin Park road the Skyliner field.

“In 1999, Jinny [Bill’s wife] and I approached the CONC to see if the club would support a pilot program to introduce cross-country skiing in the high schools in Oregon. The board decided that they would, and that first year Jinny and I organized a few school to have a XC ski race program.

“There were about 60 kids at the first state meet.  This weekend, there [were] 228 kids [expected at] the state meet at Mt. Bachelor on Feb. 23-24, 2018.

“When the Meissner club came into existence, they started concentrating more on the grooming for the community. The support for the kids programs are now mostly with the Bend Parks and Recreation, the Mount Bachelor Ski Foundation and Bend Endurance Academy, which have about 200 to 300 kids.

“The school program that the club now supports is the sponsorship of a ski race called the jamboree and buying the trophies for the Southern League of the Oregon Ski Racing Association. The team awards are printed with the ‘Central Oregon Nordic Club’ on them. I hope that some of the kids will someday become members.”

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