Backcountry Skills Honed At CONC Class

The Central Oregon Nordic Club’s backcountry skiing skills class on Tuesday, Feb. 27, has been called a “smashing success” and a “wonderful event.”

Eight instructors volunteered to help, allowing organizers to bump up the number of students to 19 from the original limit of 12. After heavy snowfall in February, the event was moved to the Wanoga Sno-Park sledding area rather than Dutchman Flat.

“Our inaugural backcountry ski skills Meetup was a smashing success,” said lead organizer Carol Iversen Terzi. “We were blessed with good weather and ‘hero snow’ for our morning of skills stations followed by an afternoon of individual group practice. Each group of three students was coached by one of our knowledgeable instructors. After about an hour of practice, a short backcountry tour was taken by each group.

“Students commented to us that the day was fun, informative and a wonderful event. The participants were impressed with the level of expertise of the coaches and excited about the very useful information discussed with them in the skills stations.  They felt the skills stations sharpened their cross-country skills as well as made them think more about safety in the backcountry and what gear they should bring on a backcountry trip

“Everyone has a lot of fun including the instructors. By the end of the day, everyone was looking more poised on skis and zipping down the practice hill at Wanoga. We heard many a request for more of these activities and will plan to do more in the future.”

Organizers are already hoping to repeat the class next ski season, Carol reports. And there are tentative plans to have a chairlift telemark day in early April.

Other instructors included Susan Sullivan, John Mowat, Cliff Mitchell, John Fertig, Dennis Krakow, Jerry Sebestyen and Beverly Medlen.

“I very much appreciate the time and effort Carol, Susan, John, John, Dennis, Cliff, Beverly and Jerry made for us today,” said Wendi Green, one of the participants, in a Meetup comment post. “It was a wonderful event and I hope there will be many more.”

The event was “excellent,” said club member Moon Lin.

“Thank you all coaches and organizers of this fabulous clinic,” said yet another Meetup post from a participant named Bonnie. “I was so impressed with organization of it and level of expertise of all the coaches!!”

(Photos by Susan Hicks and Carol Iversen Terzi)

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