Skiers Earn Their Turns, Views From Vista Butte

Seven members of the Central Oregon Nordic Club got in a powdery descent on an outing that took them up Vista Butte on Sunday, March 25.

They did a car shuttle so they could start at the Vista Butte Sno-Park and end up at Swampy Lakes Sno-Park, passing by the Swampy shelter on the way.

“It gets difficult to describe the route since most of it was off trail, but we did portions of the Lower Loop trail, the Vista Butte trail, Flagline Tie and the Swampy Loop,” says group leader Susan Sullivan.

They were joined at the top of the butte by two other CONC members who were snowshoeing.

“Conditions were ‘epic’ — as noted by one participant — for skiing off the summit of Vista Butte, and we found reasonably open slopes to ski down toward Swampy Lakes from the Flagline Tie trail,” Susan reports. “Hard not to have a good time when conditions are so nice and the weather is so pleasant!

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