Hikers ‘Spiral Up’ Butte For ‘Spectacular’ Views

Seven hikers made it to the lookout atop Lava Butte on Sunday, April 1, while those who opted to ski got turned back by ice.

“Lava Butte is only four miles on red-paved road this time of year,” says group leader Linda Frost. “The views are spectacular … as you spiral up the butte.

“The lava flow over to Benham Falls, the Cascade range, Paulina Peak, Horse Ridge and the Deschutes winding past Sunriver were all on display. It made a marvelous short hike for the seven who went.”

Meanwhile, three skiers found out that the backcountry trails can be icy in the morning this time of year on cold mornings.

“Three of us journeyed up to Mt. Bachelor on Sunday morning to attempt a run to Todd Lake,” says Jerry Sebestyen, who led the group. “When we got there and crossed through the Common Corridor, we encountered some of the worst snow conditions I have ever seen.

“Usually icy conditions leave some leeway on the sides of the tracks to get some traction or a hope of stopping in some loose or sinking snow. Everything was rock hard ice. It was so dangerous that we didn’t even try to go down the Todd Lake trail to test it. We turned around and figured we would just enjoy the ride back into town and do something else.”

(Photos by Al Matson and Shannon Bergstedt)

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