CONC Hikers Hit New Cascades View Trail

Spring has sprung, meaning the early Sunday morning hiking group is hitting the trails again.

While they were at it, the hikers did a little “spring cleaning” – picking up refuse as a part of their outing.

“Eleven hikers headed out from the new Cascades View trailhead for a seven-mile loop in the rain on the west slope of Cline Buttes,” says group leader Eileen Woodward about the April 15 outing. “We did some trash clean-up in a spectacular rock-rim canyon, found a remote cistron now filled with unmentionable refuse left by local ne’er-do-wells and lunched on a high ridge that is the site of a rock quarry with a view.

“Along the way we saw the first yellow bells, phlox and sand lilies, a sure sign that spring is here.”

Eileen adds that “the newest version of modern rain gear is well worth the expense if folks are able to get out in inclement weather and still enjoy the day.”

(Photos by Nancy Green)

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