Flowers, Cascade Views On Tam-a-Lau Hike

“What a good day!” was heard on the ride home from the Tam-a-Lau Trail over Lake Billy Chinook on Sunday, April 22.

“Twelve happy hikers enjoyed the marvelous views of the mountains from Three Sisters to Mt. Hood, the basalt canyons along the lake and the heather blooming at our feet,” says group leader Linda Frost. “The arrow leaf balsam root should be in full bloom by next week. So maybe Scout Camp for next Sunday.”

Thom Iverson called Sunday a ‘lazy, hazy perfect day” for Tam-a-Lau.

“A bit early for a wildflower show, but a relaxed loop up top, after a scenic climb, left everyone happy to have made the choice of coming on this hike,” he says. “Temperatures were perfect for the climb, and warm enough to relax up on top with a great lunch view.”

(Photos by Thom Iverson and Al Matson)

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