Hikers Learn Map, Compass Skills

CONC hike leader Eileen Woodward held a second map-and-compass class on Saturday, April 21.

Participant Ron Hoyt provided the following report:

“Like the first class, the field work was done at the Tumalo Canal Historic Area trail system.

“The group met first to draw bearing lines between trail junctions and landmarks on maps provided by Eileen. Three lines were drawn to form the triangle that we would walk. Then, compass bearings for the lines were taken from the map and using the protractor aspects of our compasses (e.g. the base plate’s straight edge, and the adjustable north-south orienteering lines and compass wheel).

“Most people are aware that a compass needle points to magnetic north, not true north. But, maps use true north. So, when using a compass, you should compensate for the difference between the two: the magnetic declination. In Central Oregon, the magnetic declination is about 14.6 degrees east. That is, a compass needle in our area points about 14.6 degrees east of true north.

“For fun, try visiting: http://www.magnetic-declination.com/.”

(Photo by Ron Hoyt)

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