Scout Camp Hike; Todd Lake Ski

Most of the mid-morning CONC crowd hiked the Scout Camp trail on Sunday, April 28, although a handful of members clung to winter with a ski to Todd Lake.


Scout Camp trail, about 45 minutes from Bend, steeply descends into the Deschutes River Canyon.


“Nine hikers went the 2.3 miles that felt like 6, down the trail to the river, over the boulder, and out over the junction of the Deschutes and Wychus looking down on the Alder Springs trail end,” says group leader Linda Frost. “The shifting clouds made the canyon walls especially interesting, and we wished we had a geologist with us.”


Hiker Thom Iverson describes the route as one with a lot of spectacular scenery packed into a short hike.


Definitely worth finding our way through the Crooked River Ranch maze to find these special spots,” he says. “A steep and scrabbly trail, with great scenery along the entire route, made for a social pace with a great bunch of people.


“Puffy clouds and perfect temps rounded out the ideal day for Scout Camp, and a few of us added in a quick trip to Steelhead Falls.”


Meanwhile, three other club members saw the report of an inch of fresh snow at Mt. Bachelor so headed up for a ski trip of not quite six miles, heading to and around the far end of Todd Lake. After the first hour, the snow had a texture of mashed potatoes, and the skiers had the woods mostly to themselves, seeing only one other person all day.


(Photos by Thom Iverson, Sharon Evoy and Allen Sykora)

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