Hikers Find ‘Perfect’ Weather In Ochocos

Two hiking groups from the Central Oregon Nordic Club went to Lookout Mountain in the Ochocos on Sunday, June 24.

“Thirteen went clockwise for eight miles, and nine went counterclockwise with some extensions for 11 miles,” says Linda Frost. “The weather was a perfect 70 degrees. The flowers were blooming all along the way.

“After the hike, a number of folks from both groups went to the Cold Springs Cabin at the far end of Big Summit Prairie for snacks. The prairie is always marvelous. Seven people stayed overnight [and] hiked a short bit to the north of Round Mountain before returning Monday.”

Hiker Larry Weinberg describes the weather as “very pleasant” with a cool breeze and comfortable temperatures.

“We were able to escape the smoke in the Bend area and avoid the high temperatures until we returned to town,” Larry says. “The flowers were not as good as they have been in prior years, but there were still plenty of larkspur, paintbrush, balsam root, buckwheats, biscuit root, desert parsley, Jessica Stickweed (forget-me-nots) and others – just not in same abundance as before.

“Following a lunch break at the summit, we returned to the trailhead via the trail past the old abandoned mining building.”

(Photos by Larry Weinberg, Martha Rose, Jeanni Capell and Shari Hogshead)


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