Work Party Reroutes ‘Problem Area’ On Snowshoe Trail

A Central Oregon Nordic Club work party rerouted a “problem area” along the Todd Lake snowshoe trail on Wednesday, June 27.

“There is a place where the snowshoe trail came within about 20 feet of Pete’s Way, and this has been a problem area for skiers and snowshoers,” says Susan Sullivan, vice president of the Nordic Club. “If a person was not paying close attention, a skier could easily end up on the snowshoe trail or a ‘shoer could end up on the ski trail.”

In fact, two snowshoers got on the wrong trail at this point last winter and ended up being rescued by Deschutes County Search and Rescue, she reports.

“We rerouted the snowshoe trail so that now neither trail can be seen from the other trail,” Susan explains. “This involved setting new snowshoe markers on about 0.1 mile of trail and removing markers from the old stretch of trail. Four people did trail maintenance work (Gary Evans, Al Matson, Bob Timmer, me); John Mowat did some trail scouting on Pete’s way in preparation for some rerouting planned there.”

Al reports that “a better trail is now in place.”

Additionally, on Friday, June 22, another work party removed some unauthorized snowmobile trail markers from the wilderness.

“The markers were in a stretch of forest heading toward Wickiup Plain from Devils Lake,” Susan says. “Skiers on a Nordic Club ski trip in May spotted the markers, and four of us went up to search out and remove as many as we could. We collected about eight or nine markers – some were ‘repurposed’ ski trail or snowmobile markers and some were homemade from painted plastic. Sue Sullivan, John Mowat, Bob Turner and Louise Brown participated.”

The Nordic Club is encouraging people to walk the ski and snowshoe trails that CONC maintains, scouting for and reporting bigger logs that need to be removed.

“We would like to get at any logs that we can get at with chain saws before fire danger becomes extreme,” Susan explains. “We are maintaining a list of what trails have been surveyed and what logs have been found so we can direct crews effectively.

“Later this summer, we will focus on putting up trail markers and new signs. If anyone is looking for an excuse for a walk in the woods, we’d be happy to provide it!”

(Photos by Susan Sullivan and Al Matson)

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