Hikers Enjoy Views, Flowers On Coffin Mountain

Central Oregon Nordic Club hikers were rewarded with both mountain views and an abundance of wildflowers on a hike up Coffin Mountain on Sunday, July 1.

“Coffin Mountain was glorious, even without the bear grass,” says group leader Linda Frost. “Mariposa lilies, bleeding heart, paintbrush and sweeping views, but there was no bear grass this year. The big Mt. Washington lilies will open in a few days.”

Thirteen hikers went up Coffin Mountain, and two also went up nearby Bachelor Mountain, Linda continues.

“Iron Mountain, Coffin Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Crescent Mountain and Jefferson Park are the ‘five best wildflower hikes in the Central Cascades,’ according to something I read recently online,” Linda adds.

Hiker Larry Weinberg describes a “truly delightful” day with comfortable temperatures, a cooling breeze and lots of sunshine. He was one of the hikers who went up Bachelor Mountain.

“More magnificent views,” Larry reports. “We could see the base of Mt. Adams in Washington just to the left of Mt. Hood.  There was even a Washington lily in bloom on Bachelor.”

(Photos by Larry Weinberg and Shari Hogshead)

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