Hikers Traverse ‘Flower-Covered Meadows’ At Browder Ridge

The early-morning hiking group headed out to Browder Ridge on Sunday, July 1, approaching from the west side near Iron Mountain.

“The well-defined trail climbs about 1,000 feet in the first mile or so and then continues to climb for another four miles as we traversed some beautiful flower-covered meadows on our way to the top of the ridge,” says group leader Eileen Woodward. “The round-trip hike was in the range of 10 miles, depending on whose iPhone tracking you want to believe. We had 13 people enjoying 70-degree temperatures with a constant, welcomed breeze to keep us company.

“We highly recommend this hike to anyone looking for an alternative to the Iron Mountain loop with a little more elevation gain.  Some planning can turn this into a crossover, key-exchange hike to the Gate Creek trailhead on the east end of the ridge.”

(Photos by Janet Echanis and Nancy Green)

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