CONC Hikers Trek To Maxwell Butte, Berley Lakes

Two different Central Oregon Nordic Club hiking groups trekked in the area around Maxwell Butte on Sunday, July 8.

The hikers saw few people but lots of flowers, but had to work for their views by crawling over a number of downed trees.

John Fertig led a group of five hikers from the Maxwell Butte trailhead to Maxwell Butte, then cross-country to the Berley Lakes then out to the trailhead of the Pacific Crest Trail at Santiam Pass.  Eileen Woodward led a group of seven on the same route in the opposite direction.

“The two groups didn’t run into each other on the hikes,” John reports. “The total distance covered was 11 miles with about 3,000 feet of climbing.

“We saw a decent number of wildflowers but not many people. There were some mosquitoes but they weren’t bad. The views were very good – Mt/ Adams to the [Three] Sisters and lots of lakes. Much of the trail had not been cleared in years and involved a lot of climbing over downed trees.”

(Photos by John Fertig, Nancy Green and Heidi Peyton)



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