‘Huge Fields Of Lupine’ Highlight Canyon Creek Hike

Four Central Oregon Nordic Club members found am “amazing” display of lupine and other wildflowers on a hike to Canyon Creek on Sunday, July 22.

Hiker Larry Weinberg reports “pleasant weather” although “it was a little warm on the leg of the hike from the lower meadow to the parking lot.”

“The flowers were spectacular, with huge fields of lupine and lots of paintbrush,” Larry says. “Not a lot of snow, but the creek was running nicely. Note that one picture, taken just below the small glacial lake in the tarn, makes it look like there was a small lake in the upper meadow. No lake – just a vast field of lupine.”

Adds group leader Linda Frost: “The lupine in the upper meadow were amazing! The photos don’t catch the extent of the lake of blue flowers.  A fine day.”

(Photos by Larry Weinberg)

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