Six Hike To Yapoah Crater, Matthieu Lakes

Six hardy hikers got above the heat and smoke to beautiful Yapoah Crater on Sunday, July 29.

Yapoah, which is at 6,737 feet of elevation, is an Indian term meaning isolated hill, points out group leader Hilloah Rohr.

“Our hike was around 10 miles and included hiking up this large, colorful crater and on up the top ridge towards North Sister,” she reports. “After a view lunch and quick nap for some, we eventually [hiked] cross country back to the trail.

“The newly burned area near the trailhead was fairly minimal, with most of it mixed with healthy trees. Hopefully the hillsides will hold long enough to get new growth established.

“A foot soak in Matthieu Lake (named for a young French Canadian explorer in the 1800s) kept us cool to the trailhead.”

(Photos by Hilloah Rohr)

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