CONC Hikers Drop Down Into Desert Canyon

CONC Hikers Drop Down Into Desert Canyon

Twelve hikers went on a Meetup outing to Alder Springs on Tuesday, May 15.

Group leader Gary Kelley calls this one of his favorite early-season hikes. The seven-mile route, with some 900 feet of elevation gain, descends into a desert canyon and travels along the Whychus Creek to the junction of the Deschutes River.

“The weather was great until the last hour, then it got pretty hot for the last slog up the hill to the parking lot,” Gary reports.

The group sighted “lots of bitterroot, arrowleaf balsamroot, little yellow composites, purple guys we could not identify, death camus, flax, rough daisies, phlox, lupine, sweetpea, chokecherry trees, and red twig maple,” Gary says.

“There were reports of snakes but we did not see any,” he continues.

He adds a word of caution of hiking as the temperatures start rising into summer: “pack extra sugar and salts and water. One person bonked at the end. It is hot out there!”

(Photos by Nikki Kelley and Mark Clark)

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