Hikers Follow Freshly Marked Ski Trails

Hikers Follow Freshly Marked Ski Trails

Central Oregon Nordic Club members found that those blue trail diamonds come in handy during the summer too.

Linda Frost led 13 hikers up the Vista Butte trail on Sunday, Sept. 2. This route is mainly used by back-country cross-country skiers and snowshoers in the winter. Most hikers tend to head farther up into the Cascades in the summer, meaning the CONC hikers were thus able to avoid the crowds in the forest on Labor Day weekend. Still, from atop Vista Butte, they had views of Mt. Bachelor and other Cascade mountains.

CONC volunteers hung new diamonds this summer to mark cross-country ski trails.

“Fortunately, [a CONC work crew] had recently put up the new trail markers, because the trail is faint,” Linda reports. “A long switchback to the west had us a little confused, but we muddled on.

“The views from the top were splendid. There are benches! We took a shortcut down using the snowmobile trail, for a total hike of just over five miles. None of us had done this trail without skis.”

Hiker Paul Gauthier reports that the group “took the long way up and shorter way down” for a hike of 5.6 miles. “Obviously a gorgeous day,” he adds.

(Photos by Paul Gauthier)

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