Early-morning Sunday Hikes

(times can vary – contact the leader for details)

2017 Sunday Hikes — 8:30 Group

This group hikes at a faster rate with hikes in the 10- to 15-mile range plus elevation gain/loss.  It is geared for more experienced hikers
Hikers must RSVP ahead of time to:
Eileen Woodward   ikeydewitt@gmail.com or text to 541-977-7816
Hilloah Rohr     hilloah.rohr@gmail.com
The early hike normally meets at Starbucks inside the westside Safeway for our 8:30 take-off time; however, we do use alternate meeting places depending on our destination.  Please RSVP for each hike in case the meeting place and time  varies.
Monthly calendar of hikes will be emailed to our designated 8:30 hikers list.  Please contact us for more information.

Hope to see you on the trails this spring and summer!!

 Meetup Hikes

Other trip leaders put on Meetup Hikes on different days of the week.  To find out about those hikes click our Meetup Group.

Recommended Sunday Hikes 9:30 Group

Here is a list of recommended hikes for the Sunday 9:30 a.m. group which meets INSIDE the Westside Safeway at 9 a.m.  These are usually shorter, four- to eight-mile hikes done at a moderate pace. These may not occur and the destination may change – it depends on a hike leader showing up.  If there is no hike leader, there is no official hike.

As of April 29, hike coordinator Linda Frost reports:

Spring is here, but the snow won’t be off the high trails until late this year. Still, there are many great places to hike lower down before it gets too hot. The possible hikes for May and June are listed below.

There will probably be an update as to the actual 9:30 a.m. hike taking place on a specific Sunday.  Hikes are listed in roughly the order they would occur. Of course, everything depends on the weather forecast. There are more great places than there are Sundays, so it is possible that there will be more than one hike on any given Sunday.

Scout Camp/ Steelhead Falls

Chimney Rock

Alder Springs (maybe fall instead?)

Otter Bench

Lower Paulina Creek

Pine Mountain

Gray Butte to Smith Rocks

McKenzie River Trail

Hager Mountain

Upper Paulina Creek

Twin Pillars

Wychus Creek Falls

Deschutes River trail sections

Land Trust Hike

Lookout Mountain