Hiking Riley Ranch Reserve, Tumalo State Park

Hiking Riley Ranch Reserve, Tumalo State Park

The mid-morning CONC group hiked the area of Riley Ranch Reserve and Tumalo State Park on Sunday, Sept. 16.


“Weather was perfect with the strong wind gusts just bringing a few drops in from the rain that was obviously sitting on the mountains,” says hiker Thom Iverson. “Walking up the Deschutes River rift kept us out of most of the wind, with a loop of upper Riley giving some good Big Sky views. A touch of fall was just starting to light up the foliage.”


He notes that several groups asked the CONC hikers, “How far to the Falls?”


“Apparently a lot of people think Tumalo State Park is a logical place to find Tumalo Falls,” Thom says. “I told them with about a day and a half of scrambling, river crossings, and hiking it might be possible.”


(Photos by Thom Iverson)

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