Map and Compass at Tumalo Canal

Map and Compass at Tumalo Canal

Eileen Woodward led two map and compass field trials this past Sunday and Monday, April 18 & 19 at the old Tumalo Canal.  It was a perfect topic, as it followed on the heels of Bill Martin’s webinar that also discussed map and compass.  However, things are a bit different in the field!

On Monday’s excercise, we started by plotting our direction of travel on the map cross-country from post 12 to post 7.  To return, we plotted a different route from post 4 to post 1.  Eileen made it fun on the second leg to break us into two groups; one aiming to hit the post, and the other aiming to miss… and ensure we hit the trail.

Monday was a perfect day, with a cool breeze at the beginning but warm enough to get down to one layer on the second leg.  The venue was also perfect; mostly flat with just a few topographic features for “spatial orientation”.  There were also the historical features of the old still with rock walls still standing, the canal remnants, and a few sand lillies.

Photos by Eileen Woodward and Eric Ness

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