Mountain Views From Flatiron Rock

Mountain Views From Flatiron Rock

Central Oregon Nordic Club members hiked to Flatiron Rock in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness on Sunday, Nov. 25.

“We got blue sky, a warm enough day to take jackets off, a skiff of snow underfoot, and 360-degree views of snow-covered mountains from up on Flatiron,” says group leader Linda Frost. “The fantastical weathering in the canyons on Flatiron was well worth the six-plus mile hike by itself.”

The Bureau of Lands Management says the Flatiron trail skirts the flank of a relatively nondescript Badlands shield volcano and gently descends to an unusual rock outcropping known as Flatiron.

“Here, one can walk in an oblong-shaped moat, or crack for a lunar-like hiking experience,” the BLM says.

(Photos by Molly Connors and Jeanni Capell)

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