Volunteer Opportunities

CONC has need of volunteers to stock shelters with wood, move wood periodically from wood sheds to the shelters, build and maintain shelters, clear and mark ski and snowshoe trails, and occasionally help the Forest Service with signage, bridges, and debris management.

If you perform CONC-related volunteer work on your own, please send an email to conordicclub@gmail.com including what, where, when, who, and how long. Also include any damage or other information (such as wood supply) you feel might be useful. Occasionally perks are given by the club and the Forest Service so please give us your hours.

Our New Swampy Shelter – built by volunteers with your donations

We communicate to volunteers through an email group. If you would like to be included in this email group, send an email to conordicclub@gmail.com.

The Old Swampy Shelter – barely standing

Building the Foundation

Building the Walls

Measure Twice, Cut Once